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Heat Policy Guidelines

(This does not apply to any classes that are held at St Aloysius, Birch Street or Ceder Street as they are airconditioned.)

Under the guidelines set and recommended by the Department of Health and Ageing, Education Department and Sports Medicine of Australia, the Nirkoda committee have passed the following policy:

  • The committee recommends that all dancers attending dance classes take care to keep hydrated during dance sessions.
  • When the predicted temperature exceeds 32 degrees, exercise should be avoided between 11am - 3pm.
  • If the class cannot be held in an air conditioned venue, the following will apply:
      If the predicted temperature in the morning is over 32 degrees, the morning class will run between 9 am - 11 am.
      If the predicted temperature is over 32 degrees, the afternoon class will be cancelled.
      Due to the drop in temperature, the evening classes will usually remain unchanged.

For any information, or if in doubt contact the class teachers.
Judi: 0407 517 856
Denise: 9523 1325
Rosie: 0402 288 635
Ilana: 0412 326 123
Margaret: 9570 6637